Coach of yearWith over 20 years of football experience in Nova Scotia, head coach Mark Haggett carries a wealth of energy and hunger to the table as the Tigers head coach. Coach Mark Haggett has an impressive record of 19 wins and 5 losses during his tenure as Tigers head coach. He led the Tigers to undefeated championship seasons in 2016 and 2018, winning AFL coach of the year both times. The Tigers won their first championship since 1959 in 2016 with a 306-33 point differential on the season. Mark’s Football experience ranges in the province from Pee-wee through to his U-Sports career with the St. Francis Xavier X-Men. As a member of X-Men Football, Mark played defensive line and began his love of coaching following his final season. He coached the defensive line at Sir John A Macdonald high school in 2011, culminating in a Div 1 Provincial Championship in 2013. He began with the Tigers program in 2014 as Defensive Line coach and Director of Recruiting.

Coach Haggett’s Philosophy

The Tigers staff and players are family; this is something that one must consider when joining our program. I will take those hard working less talented kids and turn them into champs any day, rather than a team of talented individuals. On this team you are treated as an adult, school does come first (Do not worry about the work load, we will accommodate any program to keep you on this team). To be honest, my #1 goal and priority each season is to have fun. Fun is lost a lot of the times in competitive sport, and it does not have to be. You can get after something, set goals, work hard in the classroom and on the field and still get enjoyment out of the whole experience. My main priority everyday of the season is to ensure my coaches are taken care of and have what they need so they can then pay it forward to the players in practice and in a game scenario. Do not get me wrong, this is a very competitive team, but we are unselfish, we play for each other and we get after it every minute we are on the field. The atmosphere that has been created here from the top to the bottom is one of respect and responsibility. I’ve had a lot of players pull me aside and say this is the most fun they have had playing football since the beginning. So, at the end of it all, my main priority every year is to build a championship winning team and make sure everyone has blast with their university experience.

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