Chairman and Founder – Jim Wilson
General Manager, Director of Recruiting – Mark Haggett
Equipment Manager – Scott Martin
Equipment Manager – Scott Burke


Head Physiotherapist – Lisa Wilson

Team Executive

The Dalhousie Football Club is a student-volunteer run society recognized by the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU). The club consists of player-executives who assist with team operations including game promotion, venue booking, finances, and general administration of the team.

2021 Exec:

President – Nathan Whidden
VP Finance, Treasurer – Matt Lindsay
VP Game Day Operations – Aidan Leszkowiat
VP Marketing – Ben Christensen
Vice President – Louis Fiset
Vice President – Liam Gould
Vice President – William Keneford


2019 DFC Executive accepting the Dalhousie Impact Award for Most Impactful Sports Club


Technical Staff

Statisticians – Mike Jones & Rob Leger

Team Photographer – Mark Kays (Mark’s page)

Game Film & Prep – Max Martin

The Dalhousie Football Club Executive is currently looking for students who wish to get involved for the 2021 Academic School Year – do you want to be a part of our team? Send us an email at if you’re interested!