Not only is Jordan Grant a 2017 Atlantic Football League All-Star, he’s an all-star in his community of Halifax West, too.

The talented defensive tackle gets his first AFL all-star nod after two years with the Tigers, spanning a successful 12-year career in football that included time in U-Sports with the Concordia University Stingers (RSEQ) and the John Abbott College Islanders (CEGEP).

On November 25th, Jordan was also recognized by The Honourable Geoff Regan (Speaker of the House of Commons, MP Halifax West, Dalhousie LLB 83’), for distinguishing himself as a leader in the community. Jordan inspires young people and his fellow teammates to get excited about fitness, as coach for the Halifax West Warriors High School football team and as Strength & Conditioning coach for his Dalhousie Tigers.

In honour of the 150th anniversary of Confederation, Jordan was presented the Sesquicentennial Pin as someone who has distinguished themselves as a leader in the community.

Jordan (#57) rushes the UNB Saint John Seawolves QB in 2017 regular season action.

Jordan chose Dalhousie after his CIS career because of its academic merit, and to further progress in his goal in becoming a certified strength and conditioning coach. He also chose to play Dalhousie Football knowing that he could sustain academic and professional success, while participating in competitive athletics in the AFL. All doing so while having the ability to coach his high-school football team and support his community.

“After a string of surgeries, I thought football was done for me but I decided to give it one more shot to see what was left in the tank,” Jordan says.

By doing so, Jordan was a vital part of the championship team in 2016, as well as the Tigers’ late season run in 2017.


When comparing play in U-Sports to the AFL, Jordan says “I found that the CIS was a very high level of football and the competition level was intense. That being said, I found in the AFL that there was a lot of talent and the other three teams produce great players.”

“I think the AFL is a great foundation for guys to well-round their skills prior to entering the CIS. The coaching staff at Dal has been second-to-none and has made me a better player.”

“This is not only great for the AFL, but for U-Sports Football as well,” Jordan says. 


“For example, offensive lineman Jacob Hanscom at UNB Fredericton (#51) is a great athlete and showed that right through to their championship run. Same goes for our running back Zack Leger who has torn up this league for the last three years. These two guys, and many more, show that you don’t have to be in U-Sports to be a dominant player. I could see many of the guys in our league go to and do great things in the CIS, like Louis (Gauvin, WR) did with Saint Mary’s this year”.


A Community Leader

As a football coach, strength coach, athlete, and student, Jordan certainly has his hands full.

“Through grit, hardwork, and many influences in my life i was able to come back from injuries and enjoy the game I love, as well influence others and try to be the best leader I could be for my teammates and athletes that I’ve had the privilege to coach,” he says when asked about perseverance.

Jordan has run Ironhouse Performance for the last three years, training clients ranging in skill level from minor to CFL caliber. To his clients, he promises a holistic change in mental and physical toughness that helped him get to where he is today.

“I find that giving back to where you came from, whether it be with football or in the community you live, and to be a figure in youth’s lives to motivate them in whatever they’re doing is highly fulfilling. This creates a cycle for each individual: if they ever come across the same opportunity I’m in, that they will reciprocate this in their communities as well.”

Jordan is one of eight Tigers to win AFL all-stars this season.

Jordan with the 15 other Sesquicentennial Award Recipients and MP Geoff Regan. (Courtesy Geoff Regan)

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